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Diona Gouker

Working in sales all my life has taught me a few simple lessons; people value transparency, honesty and the loyalty of someone who truly has their best interest at heart. I work hard to provide my clients an experience where they feel complete trust and confidence, by listening closely to what they value most and always going beyond expectations. I truly put my clients first and understand that they aren’t just buying a home, they are buying a lifestyle, they are buying a community, they are buying their future. Having lived in Colorado most all of my life, I have a great deal of pride for all of the wonderful things this state has to offer and love sharing those things with my clients.

Five Fun Facts

Career Highlights:

For the 10 years prior to becoming a Real Estate Agent, I worked in the financial industry as a wholesaler partnering with Financial Advisors to help clients achieve their investment goals. Helping clients navigate their journey to financial success by building relationships based on trust and education was the foundation for everything I did. I have a deep understanding of financial markets, economic drivers, and the way they influence the real estate market. My entrepreneurial drive and spirit has always been at the core of who I am, making real estate a natural opportunity to leverage the skills I have gained throughout the years.

What attributes make a successful entrepreneur?:

I truly believe that the one attribute every successful entrepreneur needs is irrational optimism. Many people see life’s challenges and obstacles and say ‘why’? I always say, ‘why not’! Maintaining a high level of confidence and truly believing you can succeed is paramount in accomplishing goals. I see opportunities where others see limitations and most importantly, I continually work to improve my skill set so I can be a valuable asset to my clients.

Most important thing I’ve learned…

To expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything! Understanding what can lead a deal to go wrong is just as critical as knowing what it takes to make things go right.

Odd job:

While attending Colorado State University to get my undergrad degree, I decided to simultaneously go to cosmetology school. In between attending classes, I worked at a high end day spa doing nails during the day and was a bartender at night! It was a whirlwind but a lot of fun.

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