Michelle Ludt

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Michelle Ludt

It is no secret- design matters.

Consumers are much more likely to do business with a Broker who has professionally designed marketing materials than one who prefers to do the bare minimum by printing a black and white MLS sheet or use a template ‘brochure’ from Word or Publisher.

For over two decades Michelle has influenced Denver real estate scene with her artistic vision, graphic design and strategic brand solutions. Her career in real estate design started at Porchlight Real Estate Group in 2002, moving into a consulting position for Luxe Group and Madison & Co. before become a Principle in Urban Luxe Real Estate 2012.

“Strong visual design is at the core of everything I do,” says Michelle Ludt, Creative Director/Principle of Urban Luxe Real Estate. “Every time a Buyer or Seller sees our marketing materials, even if for just a second, that design helps to elicit emotion and connection. My job is to cause the client to be moved by the presentation that they will feel compelled to reach out and use our services.”

Michelle is dedicated to the delivery of solutions individually tailored to the needs of each Broker through the design of visual identities, collateral, print and digital advertising campaigns, social media, signage and other marketing communications. She thrives on the challenge of creating meaningful new ways to differentiate, intrigue and inspire call to action.

Whether you need a simple property brochure or a complex developer presentation, her extensive experience within the residential and commercial real estate industry helps create professional visual experiences to help clearly deliver your message.

Michelle Ludt - Luxe Real Estate Collective