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Sloans Lake Neighborhood Highlights

Information on exactly how Sloans Lake was established is still a little foggy but numerous accounts lay claim it was formed with the rupture of a natural spring by local homesteader Thomas F. Sloan.

From early on Sloans Lake neighborhood has had a long tradition in bringing community together by investing in amusement and recreation. The Dragon Boat Festival, which draw thousands of people each year, summer concerts in the park and spectacular July 4th fireworks are just a few highlights the park has to offer. In addition, recently completed Denver Parks an Recreation’s phase two of the Sloans Lake Master Plan have residents enjoying a new marina and west-end park improvements.

While the park may draw many people to the neighborhood, it’s diverse community, wide tree-lined streets, beautifully maintained bungalows, ranches and post-modern homes also lure potential residents to the Sloans Lake area.

Residents of Sloans Lake can enjoy shops, markets, restaurants and the impressive lake view and cityscape along Sheridan Blvd. Also easily accessible is the well known Highlands Square at 32nd and Lowell with over 90 business options of wine, cheese, restaurants, wellness centers and boutique retail shops.

Lifestyle Highlights

Neighborhood Boundaries

Sheridan Blvd – Federal Blvd
W 29 Ave – W 17th Ave

Surrounding Hoods'

West Colfax

Public Schools

Brown International Academy (ECE – 5)
Lake International Middle School (6 – 8)
STRIVE Prep Lake Campus (6 – 8)
CEC Middle College of Denver (9 – 12)
North High School (9- 12)

Defining Qualities

Parks, Denver bike routes, tree-lined streets, on-street parking.

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